Real Cheer: Be Intentional

Wherever you find yourself during this season of thanksgiving, whether sitting around the dinner table with family and friends or hovering over a project with a colleague, be intentional in the best possible way. Before you pat yourself on the back for keeping peace or spreading good cheer only because ‘it’s the holidays’ -otherwise you might not be as polite, generous or kind -then consider this:

“What comes from the heart, goes to the heart.” Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Intentionally build up your relationships through trust, love, mutual respect…


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It’s about you and me: Apple knows

I had to get my iPad serviced the other day and wound up spending a 1/2 hr. in the Apple store waiting my turn. It wasn’t as painful as you might think. First of all, it was Sunday and I wasn’t in a rush. However, there were so many people in the store getting issues resolved or purchasing products. Yet, there were team members in place to greet you, check you in and eventually address your problem. I am in awe that Apple products still engender such customer loyalty and ongoing conversation. That day I felt like I was in the middle of a trading floor where somehow in the midst of all the action, there was a well-orchestrated plan in place to service customers . Just maybe I have been bitten by the Apple bug, I’m so sure my positive thoughts have much to do with the way the team interacted with me from the time I hit the door and that sweet apology for the wait certainly helped. This link provides a little more insight about the company’s approach to business.

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SM: Not All About You and Your Company

Read a PRnews blog about an upcoming Digital PR Summit October 5, 2011 at the Grand Hyatt in NYC. What follows here is good Q & A with one of the presenters (Huma Gruaz) about companies leveraging FB & Twitter.

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Paying It Forward PR Professionals

Build up your digital and online communications arsenal. Check out this blog post:

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Brimming with optimism Newlywed Rachelle Friedman, 27, has taught everyone around her a lifelong lesson on what is means to be an optimist and how to show unconditional love and friendship. In spite of a freak accident in which a friend playfully pushed her into a pool the night of her bachelorette party causing what doctors say is permanent paralysis, Rachelle is resilient.  A year after her recovery, she married her sweetheart, 28-year-old Chris Chapman and stilll maintains a relationship with the friend whose actions changed her life forever. Rachelle has even gone as far as not allowing her friend’s name to be released as a way of protecting her from scrutiny. Rachelle has obviously forgiven her and wants everyone else to do the same.

Just think about it? Would you have the same outlook or would you be passing the blame, on no-speaking terms and wallowing in self-pity?

The story gets better.   Explaining that Rachelle and he were the best of friends before the accident, Chris says he never questioned whether the wedding would happen. He knew that it would one day. This young man obviously a good catch,  loved his friend and was determined to stick by her through the bad times. Now that’s love.

Chris and Rachelle received another blessing. Thanks to the team at 1-800 REGISTRY, the couple experienced a dream honeymoon in Fiji and were welcomed by some special individuals with whom they hope to maintain lasting friendships. As NBC reporter Natalie Morales points out, the Chapmans have  shown others an extraordinary example of marriage in its truest form. In many respects they have paid it forward. The two united have been already weathered the storm and now their future is full of hope and promise.

Thank you Rachelle and Chris for showing us how to keep going and live optimistically. You are both an inspiration. God bless!

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Professionals in Media Offer Perspectives on Blogging

NetworkingBlogphotoAttending a networking meeting on a Friday evening can be a grind. You know the drill, everyone stands around with a drink and hors d’oeurves while engaging in light conversations and exchanging business cards. I was pleasantly surprised when I recently attended my first Professionals in Media function at Les Saisons in New Jersey. While there was the usual networking regimen, our attention was drawn to the featured speakers. We heard from some phenomenal bloggers who shared their insights about why they blog and how they have built their audience of readers/followers.

Leading the discussion was Janice Harayda, One-Minute Book Review, Megan Williams of Green Divas and Karen Fazio of Each practitioner, all of whom are accomplished in their respective fields, talked about being truly passionate about whatever you choose to blog about. There was also an opportunity for PIM members to ask questions and share their own blogging techniques.

Here are a few of the tips that stood out:

As  a blogger you are communicating as one… to many relationships

 Spell it out – what your blog is about!

Post unique content and refresh continually

Offer value to your readers

Decide how often you will blog, be realistic and stick with it

Blog about your expertise

Collaborate – invite posts from guest bloggers

Share what you write by bookmarking on sites like Digg

Include a policy or standards statement on your blog

Tie in your topic to hard news if possible

Visuals work well with a blog drawing attention

Some bloggers want endorsements, others want to go solo

What works for one blogger may not work for you

Don’t take too seriously all the posts about the 10 rules of successful blogging

There are no set rules, we’re all learning along the way

This was an inspiring meeting. What a wealth of creative talent and free expression all around the room. I must admit that I started a blog a while ago, now that I have heard about the ‘rules of engagement’ that aren’t really rules, I am comfortable with the idea that I am a blogger, even though I blog maybe once a month! I am a work in progress!

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On Getting Social

It’s been approximately three years since I starting shopping around the social media market.  I am seeing ways to increase my Klout score.  Had I stayed committed to the blog that I set up in Blogger back in 2008, just maybe I would be ahead of the curve.  There’s so much out here!  I am catching on to WP and Tumblr and most recently StumbleUpon, you will find me on these sites under the name PRFocused .

As a traditional marketer and public relations professional, initially I was reluctant but gave in and  set up a Facebook page and starting connecting with family members and friends. One of my first thoughts was why is my nephew away at college posting all of these links in rapid succession to his messages. Fast forward, now I have joined the ranks giving my posts what I consider more flair and credibility with links.

In 2009, I became slightly interested in  Twitter but had no clue how to go about tweeting and wondering why I should do it all. Thanks to a co-worker, I caught on and have been tweeting ever since.  I am now handling social media  for a few clients and always seeking more business.

Like many professionals I had to complete a profile on LinkedIn which is now 100% complete since I have recommendations. Had to learn that too!

I asked this question only months ago? “Why would I want anyone to be able to track me down when I am away from home?” But out of nowhere, after a few sips on my favorite drink, vanilla latte at Starbucks, and plenty of time to spare, I found myself in B&N checking in on Facebook Places.  I also enjoy giving tips and checking in on FourSquare. I suppose that by now I am the Mayor somewhere.

In social bookmarking, I Digg, StumbleUpon and Share.  And I understand the value of producing good content and a video for You Tube and other platforms believing that people who view will Like It and become engaged. Viewers ultimately decide if what has been produced will be worth sharing, making the video “viral.” No need to be camera shy at all these days, you have to have a Flckr account even if only to show tasteful photos of you and the family.

There’s so much more to explore from augmented reality to the fastest growing platform mobile marketing. I’ll be back to share some thoughts about what I am learning about these emerging mediums later.

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He’s spelled it out! Colum’s Social Media Checklist

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Absence Makes Me Fonder

Recorded thoughts about going to NYC after some time away from the action.

Great day in New York City…Met Brian Solis, got a signed copy of his book, Engage! Breezed through Macy’s Herald Square to get a glimpse of the famous Flower Show.  Always something whimsical and trendy to appreciate and  enjoy!  Looking forward to the changing seasons and all that’s good about being outdoors.

Trying to figure out why I am having problems uploading my audio file.

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She’s only a girl!

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