On Getting Social

It’s been approximately three years since I starting shopping around the social media market.  I am seeing ways to increase my Klout score.  Had I stayed committed to the blog that I set up in Blogger back in 2008, just maybe I would be ahead of the curve.  There’s so much out here!  I am catching on to WP and Tumblr and most recently StumbleUpon, you will find me on these sites under the name PRFocused .

As a traditional marketer and public relations professional, initially I was reluctant but gave in and  set up a Facebook page and starting connecting with family members and friends. One of my first thoughts was why is my nephew away at college posting all of these links in rapid succession to his messages. Fast forward, now I have joined the ranks giving my posts what I consider more flair and credibility with links.

In 2009, I became slightly interested in  Twitter but had no clue how to go about tweeting and wondering why I should do it all. Thanks to a co-worker, I caught on and have been tweeting ever since.  I am now handling social media  for a few clients and always seeking more business.

Like many professionals I had to complete a profile on LinkedIn which is now 100% complete since I have recommendations. Had to learn that too!

I asked this question only months ago? “Why would I want anyone to be able to track me down when I am away from home?” But out of nowhere, after a few sips on my favorite drink, vanilla latte at Starbucks, and plenty of time to spare, I found myself in B&N checking in on Facebook Places.  I also enjoy giving tips and checking in on FourSquare. I suppose that by now I am the Mayor somewhere.

In social bookmarking, I Digg, StumbleUpon and Share.  And I understand the value of producing good content and a video for You Tube and other platforms believing that people who view will Like It and become engaged. Viewers ultimately decide if what has been produced will be worth sharing, making the video “viral.” No need to be camera shy at all these days, you have to have a Flckr account even if only to show tasteful photos of you and the family.

There’s so much more to explore from augmented reality to the fastest growing platform mobile marketing. I’ll be back to share some thoughts about what I am learning about these emerging mediums later.


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