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Brimming with optimism

http://on.today.com/rghVW9 Newlywed Rachelle Friedman, 27, has taught everyone around her a lifelong lesson on what is means to be an optimist and how to show unconditional love and friendship. In spite of a freak accident in which a friend playfully pushed her into a pool the night of her bachelorette party causing what doctors say is permanent paralysis, Rachelle is resilient.  A year after her recovery, she married her sweetheart, 28-year-old Chris Chapman and stilll maintains a relationship with the friend whose actions changed her life forever. Rachelle has even gone as far as not allowing her friend’s name to be released as a way of protecting her from scrutiny. Rachelle has obviously forgiven her and wants everyone else to do the same.

Just think about it? Would you have the same outlook or would you be passing the blame, on no-speaking terms and wallowing in self-pity?

The story gets better.   Explaining that Rachelle and he were the best of friends before the accident, Chris says he never questioned whether the wedding would happen. He knew that it would one day. This young man obviously a good catch,  loved his friend and was determined to stick by her through the bad times. Now that’s love.

Chris and Rachelle received another blessing. Thanks to the team at 1-800 REGISTRY, the couple experienced a dream honeymoon in Fiji and were welcomed by some special individuals with whom they hope to maintain lasting friendships. As NBC reporter Natalie Morales points out, the Chapmans have  shown others an extraordinary example of marriage in its truest form. In many respects they have paid it forward. The two united have been already weathered the storm and now their future is full of hope and promise.

Thank you Rachelle and Chris for showing us how to keep going and live optimistically. You are both an inspiration. God bless!


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